Best Braun Silk Epil Female Lady Shaver Ls5160wd 1 C

I was a little bit worried about buying this, especially since I’d never used any high-end electric razors before, let alone Braun products. But I’ve owned it for seven months now, and in the meantime, I’ve tried a few more Braun razors. It converted me to the brand–while it isn’t the bestBraun women’s shaver (that would be, in my opinion, their Silk-epil 5), it is certainly a reliable razor.

It gives a fairly close shave: definitely not perfect, but good enough to qualify as a job well done. Male friends of mine have reported closer and smoother shaves from Braun’s men’s razors, so I feel like Braun women’s razors might have the same power as men’s razors without taking into consideration that women shave many other parts of their body besides the face. That said, I haven’t experienced any cuts, nicks, or other irritation, even in more sensitive parts of the body.

To my (happy) surprise, all the provided razor attachments are functional, and actually very useful. The bikini attachment has been the most useful, and has proven to be one of the best Braun women’s razors in terms of trimming sensitive areas. My personal favorite, however, is the exfoliating head.

Most other Braun products seem to use a cord or a charging station, so I was a bit surprised that this Braun razor came with a pair of AA batteries and instructions on how to periodically change them. While I appreciate the functionality allowed by the batteries that let me shave dry, wet, or even right in the middle of the shower, the razor’s casing makes changing the batteries difficult. Also, it might just be a case of general elitism, but it seems that the best Braun women’s shavers come with a cord or some sort of charging dock.

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