Braun Silk Epil 5 5280 Legs and Body Epilator Kit Review

Item Depiction:

The Braun Silk-Epil 5 5280 Legs and Body Epilator is intended for proficient, dependable and tender hair evacuation. Braun Silk-Epil 5 is perfect for ladies who are new to epilation. It incorporates Close-Grasp innovation with 40 tweezers that up root short and beautiful hair. It additionally has a solace framework with back rub rollers that animates the skin, also to a cooling glove to mitigate after epilation.

Braun Silk-Epil 5 5280 Legs & Body Epilator Pack:

  • Includes: 1 epilator; 3 tops; 1 cooling glove; 1 brush; 1 pocket
  • 40 Close-Hold tweezers for evacuation of the briefest hairs
  • Better modification to the sort of the body for more solace
  • Lifts level laying hair and aides it to the tweezers for evacuation
  • Individual needs met through velocity personalization
  • The Smart light helps discover fine hairs for no miss evacuation
  • Device can be cleaned under running water for better cleanliness

Braun Silk Epilator Pack

Item Elements:

  • Assembled in Nation of Source: USA or Imported
  • Origin of Segments: USA or Imported


  1. Very much bundled Tasteful and secure. Makes you like getting it, and opening it up!
  2. The epilator- It’s a durable item and looks vastly improved, in actuality, then in the photo (it’s not as plastic or shaky as it looks in the picture). The ergonomics are awesome and permit it to be held in any course when going after dubious parts.
  3. The subtle elements insight fully outlined item. Append able parts accompany facilitated bolts for coordinating up, the two paces are situated on either side of the force off position on the dial (with the goal that you don’t in inadvertently move from one velocity to the next by an underlying touch), and the inbuilt light is extremely helpful for checking for fine hairs.The parts are separable, and the head can be cleaned in the water that is once more, extremely helpful. Indeed, even the manual is awesome as opposed to being just a guideline handout, it addresses concerns clients may have about epilation, and alleviates fears about skin redness and different challenges confronted by new customers.
  4. The epilation- It meets expectations truly well. I did it on pace one all through. However, the engine appeared to be capable and worked productively. My arms are back to ordinary with no redness; my legs do have red spots where the hair was thicker. There was some torment; apparently we’re hauling hair out by the root! In any case, in case you’re accustomed to waxing, this is about the same level of torment (the distinction being likened to peeling the band aid off instead of ripping it off). It is entirely endurable, and I thought that it was mellow. Likewise, the manual guarantees me that the redness will go away overnight, and impacts like torment and redness will be quite decreased on rehashed utilization (I was epilating after a considerable measure of hair had developed, though epilating in sparser spots didn’t hurt much, so visit touch ups ought to be easy).
  5. Support the greater part of the hair drops out of the epilator as we epilate, yet there is development in the epilation head and the top. Since both are separable and removable, they’re effectively cleanable. There was a brush accommodated cleaning, and I brush edit as free of hair as I could. Them anual says the head can like wise be washed while additionally demonstrating clear photos of how it is to be washed. Inasmuch as we keep the epilating head free of hair, I figure long haul up keep ought to additionally be basic. However, not with standing when there was some development in the epilating head, it didn’t ease off or anything while being utilized.

Braun Silk Women Epilator with Pouse

The main effect I had was that the rope connection association with the epilator was free; it fit yet turned out effectively. I’m speculating that a matter just of my specific piece and not a general issue.What’s more, I could likely get its up planted or some such thing under the two-year guarantee, on the off chance that I confront a main problem with it.

By and large, I set out away incredibly inspired. My skin feels delicate (as it does in the wake of waxing) and with an epilator, you don’t need to hold up until there’s a sure measure of development for rehashing the procedure. This one got even the finest hairs. I like wise accept this epilator model backings a different top connection for underarms (not some piece of the unit but rather can be purchased independently). There’s a trimmer shaver, an effectiveness top (for experienced clients), and a back rub roller top (to fortify the skin and reduce torment), a gel icepack (helpful), a glove (for the ice pack- mindful!), a cleaning brush and a pocket to put it all into.

I didn’t yet the Braun 7 arrangement model, because I would not like to epilate my facial hair (and I wouldn’t fret that mine was corded- I don’t predict utilizing it as a part of spots without power). This one is more moderate and works awesome for whatever is left of the body! Let it all out.

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