Panasonic Wet and Dry Epilator and Shaver Review

This Panasonic ES-WD51-P is rechargeable and do you know what the best thing about it is? It is a wet-dry epilator and is remarkably advantageous to use. It’s accessible for around $100 for a few suppliers. The dependable cost shifts from diverse suppliers.

Fundamental Components of Best Panasonic Epilator Review

It is doubtlessly rechargeable, which is one of the reasons why this hair epilator makes it a standout amongst the most advantageous of its kind. It can be used wet or dry, which makes it water safe, or possibly water proof. You don’t need to stress dropping it in the bathtub since the bundle says it is completely able to be immersed in the water.

It can be cleaned with no bother since you can mostly run water through it. Here is a portion of the principal components of this wet dry epilator.

Incorporates A Few Connections

The Panasonic ES-WD51-P bundle goes with distinctive sorts of shavers. There’s one for shaving the two-piece regions and even a shaver with little-sharpened pieces of steels for more delicate ranges. It likewise accompanies a hard set out the top toward rightful supplying and sanitation in the wake of using the item.

48 Tweezers

Panasonic ES-WD51-PCan you visualize 48 tweezers in one gadget? On the off chance that is the situation, the main result would be entirely bare skin everywhere throughout the body. It has more tweezers compared to the past model.

It is expected to remove the long hairs in a matter of moments even without shedding.

Side-to-Side Head (Skimming)

This Panasonic head may be moved along which is a test that it can dispose of off the considerable number of hairs that it can get inside of the zone. It moves in a skimming movement that allows it to remove the hair tenderly.

3-in-1 Evacuation Process

It goes with a shaver in the event that you need to make shaving faster, in case you’re generally on the go. It kept in mind ladies’ issues on swimming outfit regions and included a two-piece trimmer in the bundle. Presently, you’re prepared for the shoreline!

Panasonic Wet and Dry Epilator and Shaver Head


Besides the extra shaving sharpened pieces of steels in the bundle, Panasonic was sufficiently generous to include a travel pocket to secure the entire unit. The pink pocket looks remarkably tidy and helpful for ladies who love to go and carry their epilators alongside them.

It has a cleaning brush for simple cleaning. You can either use or not use water for cleaning the gadget. Since it’s rechargeable, it goes with a charger that can completely charge the device whenever.

It’s Pink!

Ladies and even a few men adore all things pink! It’s pleasant to see a changeable legal preparing and clean lines apparatus in the restroom or your pack. It is a blend of white and pink with pink as its overpowering shading.

It’s Lightweight and Inconstant.

This cordless epilator just weighs around 0.37 pounds, do you understand how light that is? You can without much of a stretch slip it into your travel or individual women’s pack. Beside that it measures just 5 inches, which is once more, another purpose of changing to this item.

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